Kim są Aktywni Migranci?

Zespół naszego projektu Active Migrants zaprasza do udziału w badaniu fokusowym, poświęconym partycypacji migrantów i migrantek we Wrocławiu!
Celem badania jest lepsze zrozumienie roli migrantów w społeczności Wrocławia oraz ich wpływu na zmiany kulturowe i społeczne. Jesteśmy szczególnie zainteresowani opiniami i doświadczeniami migrantów i migrantek, dotyczącymi udziału w programach partycypacyjnych.
Badania odbędą się w dniach 3.04, 04.04 i 05.04 o godzinie 17:30, w ODLOCIE. Strefie Partycypacji (ul. Piłsudskiego 34).
W ramach gratyfikacji za poświęcony czas i energię dla każdej osoby uczestniczącej oferujemy bon w wysokości 100 zł do wykorzystania w restauracji Kuchnia Marché – Świdnicka Wrocław.
Zapraszamy do kontaktu pod adresem activemigrants@feps.pl

Projekt finansowany przez Islandię, Liechtenstein i Norwegię z Funduszy EOG w ramach Programu Aktywni Obywatele – Fundusz Regionalny

Wspieranie edukacji pozaformalnej na Białorusi

Cykl szkoleń dotyczących edukacji pozaformalnej zorganizowanej w ramach polskiej pomocy rozwojowej.

W roku 2011 Fundacja FEPS organizuje projekt “Wspieranie edukacji pozaformalnej na Białorusi”. Jest on realizowany w ramach programu pomocy rozwojowej Ministerstwa Spraw Zagranicznych dotyczącym “Wsparcia dla społeczeństwa białoruskiego 2011”.

Projekt skierowany jest bezpośrednio do pracowników młodzieżowych, pedagogów i nauczycieli zainteresowanych edukacją pozaformalną i chcących rozwinąć swoje umiejętności w tej dziedzinie.

Edukacja pozaformalna, będąca uzupełnieniem tradycyjnego kształcenia, jest istotnym narzędziem w kształtowaniu społeczeństwa obywatelskiego.

Edukacja pozaformalna już od wielu lat jest rozwijana na Białorusi, ciągle jednak napotyka trudności, które nie sposób samodzielnie rozwiązać. Są nimi brak odpowiednich funduszy, utrudnione kontakty międzynarodowe, a także brak instytucjonalnych ram wspierających tego typu inicjatywy. Wspólnie z białoruską organizacją „Edukacja bez granic”, która jest pionierem tego typu działalności na Białorusi, organizujemy projekt, który ma na celu przezwyciężenie tych barier.

Projekt składa się z dwóch seminariów poświęconych edukacji pozaformalnej. Pierwsze z nich odbyło się w ośrodku szkoleniowych organizacji “Edukacja Bez Granic” w Dunaevie na Białorusi. Drugie seminarium odbędzie się we wrześniu we Wrocławiu. Następnie uczestnicy szkoleń przygotują projekty lokalne z wykorzystaniem poznanych metod. Dzięki temu skutki działania projektu nie ograniczą się do samych uczestników, lecz będą oddziaływać na inne podmioty. Projekt zakończy spotkanie ewaluacyjne w Mińsku, które odbędzie się w grudniu.

Partnerem projektu jest wrocławskie Centrum Inicjatyw Unesco

Projekt jest współfinansowany w ramach programu polskiej współpracy rozwojowej Ministerstwa Spraw Zagranicznych RP w 2011 r.

Love can be misleading, especially when you’re here in the early stages of a new relationship. After all, a good amount of things can look and feel like like: lust, passion, toxic love bombing, the list goes on. But when most likely really in love, a sensible way to tell is by paying attention to how this causes you to feel.

When you’re really in love, you wish to be near your spouse at all times. You can’t get enough of them. Most likely thinking of these people constantly and they give you a content, peaceful feeling inside. The thought of getting without them is normally unbearable. If you are in absolutely adore, you may even find yourself planning on them in the sleep.

Another signal you’re in love can be when you start to ignore their flaws. Everyone has these people, but when you https://www.mail-order-bride.info/ stop noticing little things such as their awful breath and also the fact they will never put the bathroom in the sink, it’s usually an indication really are falling for these people. Of course , you should still avoid ignoring red flags like negative hygiene or a lack of wants, but once you’ve crossed the threshold in full-blown love, is actually okay to leave little points slide.

Being in love does mean you’re able to overcome concerns together. Associations are not easy, and it’s imperative that you be able to function with difficult situations as a team. If you are in appreciate, it helps to view each other peoples perspective and try to discover solutions that benefit the both of you. It’s never easy, although as you both make the effort to generate it job, it generally does.

If you’re not able to sort out challenging situations at the same time, it can result in conflict and tension. Essential it’s important to have the ability to identify when you’re in love with someone, to help you be more informed of how you midst when facing adversity.

When you absolutely adore somebody, you want them to be themselves. You accept that they may sometimes irritate https://tickline.co.il/5685/5685 you, but to get willing to sort out this because you already know they’ll usually be there for you and can love you no matter what.

You also help to make future strategies with them, proving the fact that you are invested in making your relationship last. This can be a big indicator of love, mainly because it shows that you prefer to spend the rest of your life with all of them.

There are plenty of ways to show love, although it’s important to be clear about what you want and stay according to your motives. You can write down your goals in a journal, declare them aloud, pray, or create a eye-sight board. Ultimately, it is crucial to be honest on your own and remember that love requires work. Show patience and keep your expectations genuine, and you’ll be well on your way to finding the love in your life. Sign up today to be equalled with a qualified therapist via the internet! It’s totally free and secret. You can even sales message your therapist from the comfort of your own home.

A marriage can be described as commitment to love, friendship and support for the rest of one’s your life. Despite the stereotypes that men are less interested in marriage than women, many those that get married or move https://www.tiktok.com/discover/most-attractive-race?lang=en in with the partner claim they think happier plus more secure once they already have made the decision to state „I do” in front of family.

The answer isn’t simple, despite the fact that. Often , it will require years of commitment and effort to get married, and even then, many lovers might still have their ups and lows. However , should you be looking for ways to find out if a man is ready to marry, here are a few signs to look for.

Pleasure and that means

If you can figure out what a person wants coming from marriage, then you’ll include a better notion of how to make him want to get married to you. For instance , can be he searching for pleasure inside the form of having a gorgeous wife? Or is this individual seeking which means in the form of needing a assistant and friend which will be with him for a lifetime?

Being able to trust

The ability to trust is one of the most important traits that the man looks for in a potential partner. This individual wants to be able to count on her and be aware that she will carry out what’s ideal for him.

He also really wants to be able to depend on her when it comes to making decisions in the relationship. This individual wants to realize that she could do her best to end up being right now there for him no matter what which she will https://www.romatrestrutture.eu/how-to-pick-a-place-to-satisfy-your-online-day/ work on keeping their marriage good and healthier.


A man wishes to be with a woman who also believes in little and has an interior strength that this girl can use to help others. A woman that can be somewhat insecure https://bridenwife.com/europe/german-brides/ and open with her emotions is attractive to him, because he believes that weeknesses is a good matter.


Psychological maturity

A lady who is psychologically mature is a great property to any couple. She has the ability to cope with stress and challenges with a confident attitude, even though also being aware of when should you walk away and avoid situations that may cause her reduce her state of mind or take things too far.

She’s the great fan base, so her partner will always feel like she actually is taking the time to comprehend him.

Possessing good sense of humor

A man’s individuality is vital to him, so creating a sense of humor is one of the most desirable characteristics that he searches for in a woman. Possessing a laugh with him may relieve stress and build rely upon the relationship, hence he knows that you’ll have his when he demands it.


A man with sincerity can be someone who can do the right thing, even if no one is definitely watching. He will speak his head when something is wrong, and he’ll do it because he feels that must be the right thing to do.

Getting into a relationship with someone 10 years younger isn’t always convenient. However , once you cope with the initial my sources stages and start to build up a bond with her, it could be worth it in the long run. A lot of older men delight in dating a younger woman and find it to be amazingly rewarding. This article will go over some of the benefits associated with dating someone younger along with some tips for the purpose of overcoming the obstacles that you may face.

A large age difference can be a origin of confusion for most people, especially when it comes to relationships. This is exactly why some people try to come up with the “rule of thumb” with respect to determining simply how much of an grow old difference is acceptable between partners. This rule commonly involves separating your age by two and adding seven to determine the optimum amount of time you must spend with a person that is considerably younger than you. While this is certainly an interesting calculations, it should not really be the main focus of your relationship. You should give attention to being comfortable and treating her right, regardless of the size of your age gap.

It’s significant to remember that the younger ex-girlfriend fell in love along for a explanation. She decided on you since she enjoyed your individuality and the reality you will be mature. Your lover probably as well likes the fact that you are economically secure and still have a wealth of worldly knowledge. To keep her happy, you need to be precisely the same person your lover fell pertaining to. If you learn to play in the age gap, the lady may begin to wonder if that is just a shallow romantic relationship.

Young women tend to be go-getters than their old counterparts. They may have the energy to pursue a profession, maintain a wholesome lifestyle, and take part in various social actions. As a result, they have reduced baggage within their personal lives. This makes it simpler for them to generate new close friends and sort meaningful an actual. In addition , they generally have more agreeable physiques than older girls. Therefore , it is not unusual for them to have a lot of focus from their colleagues.

In contrast, older girls have a lot of emotional baggage to cope with. They may contain children, a messy divorce, or a large of exes. As a result, they often feel as if their young associates are not adequate for them. Because of this some more mature women choose to date ten years younger men in an attempt to experience the second youth.

When it comes to on the web relationships, a large number of older girls find it much harder to meet a younger person because they are often regarded as “gold diggers. ” As such, they are often ignored by online dating sites and apps. For this reason, it is necessary to try a variety of websites and apps to ensure that you can find the right match. In order to avoid becoming overlooked, a fresh good idea to utilize a service that allows you to create a account and look for potential matches based on the interests.

Sugar daddy and baby human relationships are not pretty much all sunshine and roses. Actually they’re often fraught with legal and emotional problems that can make these people difficult to preserve long-term.

There are many ways to begin securing a sugar blend, but it has the best to be in advance about what you are looking for. This way, you can find a sugar daddy that can meet your expectations and be sure that the romantic relationship is successful.

Signing up on a sugar daddy site is a quick and simple process that will require one to fill out a few fields and validate some personal details. Once you’re authorised, you could start messaging different members and searching for potential matches. The site’s discussion feature is certainly slick and easy to use, and advanced membership gets you use of more features.

When it comes to payment, most sugar daddy sites are very very clear on the conditions of their relationship. While they are doing allow for discussion of money, they have only when they have not linked with a sex exchange. For example , if the sugar daddy would like to www.sugardaddysites.expert/ give you gifts or perhaps take you on a trip, they’re not allowed to discuss paying for your love-making.

This could look like a no-brainer, nevertheless it’s worth talking about again. If you are a new sugars baby, it is critical to keep your emotions in balance and give attention to what you need in a relationship rather than getting caught up in what you want.

Be a charming and enjoying sugar baby – This is among the most important circumstances to remember if you are dating a sugar daddy. They’re usually very busy, so that they appreciate a sugar baby who might be nice and special. They’ll also love it when you can show them that you just care about them and their needs.

You’ll have to be willing to share several of your personal facts, so be sure to disclose virtually any medical conditions or criminal records you have. You’ll also need to be aware about what you post web based. http://app.betterwalker.com/how-to-find-a-sugar-daddy-who-will-pay-out-a-lot-of-money-to-achieve-this/ Be respectful and don’t let your photos end up being publicly available unless you and your sugar daddy admit it.

Have a feeling of humor – You can’t fail with making jokes, and if you can make your sugar daddy giggle, they’ll be more likely to want to pay time along.

Don’t be a headache — A sugar daddy has a lot in the plate, so he probably doesn’t have the time to deal with a sugars baby who’s constantly quarrelling or yelling at him. When you are constantly overdramatic or mental, it can move him off and lead to a breakup.

Be confident and outgoing – You’ll need to be capable of talk with the sugardaddy in person if you wish to get a substantial connection with them. You’ll also have to be comfortable with groups and crowds of people, so you can contain an excellent conversation and not having to break a sweat.

Do not be a fake — If you’re seeking to hide your real identity or use a imitation name, the sugar daddy should very likely think that you are a scammer and they won’t want to date you. They’ll also be afraid that you’re most likely not as serious about the partnership as you say you happen to be.

If you’re thinking of online dating a Latin woman, after that it is critical to know what should be expected. This will help you get ready for the approaching marriage and avoid any problems. Besides, it will also make you look more confident and secure in your fresh life jointly.

First of all, you should be open and honest with her about your motives. This is a crucial matter to remember if you are dating a Latin woman simply because she will desire to trust you and have a secure, secure marriage along.


Another thing to keep in mind is that it’s okay might her about her family and just where she comes from. When you’re willing to learn more about her, then simply this is an excellent chance for you to demonstrate to her that you just respect her and want to become her good friend.

Several charging a good idea to allow her know about the things that are important to you, just like your trust along with your beliefs. This will help to her understand that you are a accurate, caring person and she can trust you.

Latin women are more likely to be extremely loyal and respectful towards their lovers. They want to have best possible human relationships with guys, and they dislike being medicated in a way that is not matched.

Moreover, they are really very delicate and excited, so you afraid showing them simply how much you take care of them. They’ll be very appreciative of your work and appreciate you unconditionally!

The physical natural beauty of a Latin girl can be extremely attractive. Whether you are considering a leggy blonde right from Brazil or a flexural tanned charm with wavy brunette locks from Chile, a Latin woman can be your https://www.fiverr.com/gigs/dating-tips perfect diamond necklace!

You may not really see a great deal of these girls in the Usa Reports but they are everywhere over the world! The great thing about Latin women of all ages is that they happen to be amazingly open and friendly, so you are able to build a strong connection with these people.

Also for this, you can find a lot https://nharedaicat.com/online-dating-messages-that-get-answers/ of cultural traditions in Latina countries. For example , music is known as a big component to Latin culture. When you are which has a Latin female, it’s not really abnormal for her to sing or dance to her most loved song.

If you’re a musician, your girl will probably be quite impressed together with your ability to enjoy an instrument. Whether or not you’re not, your sweetheart might enjoy it if you find out a few songs by center.

Her mother is an extremely important estimate her existence. This woman is often her biggest fan and a very good impact in her life. A large number of Latin women will probably be close to their particular mothers, so it’s essential that you respect her and treat her with care.

You can’t be too careful about what you https://latinosmingle.com/peruvian/hot-peruvian-women tell her mother, however. She could have negative or perhaps untrue thoughts about you because of the culture or perhaps race, so it is important that you don’t set her in a bad position.

The most important element you should bear in mind about a Latina woman is the fact she wishes being treated evenly with her partner, and she will do everything in her electric power to truly get you what you need. She’ll be proud to experience a foreign man seeing that her partner, and she’ll try her best to make sure that your life mutually is happy and fulfilling.

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