I Wrocławska Konferencja o Współczesnych Niemczech

First Wrocław Conference on Contemporary Germany belongs already to the past. Two days of fruitful debates and discussions made us tired but satisfied.

We started with public debate about the historical heritage of Wrocław and Gdańsk in the beautiful interior of City Hall. In debate took part Rafał Dutkiewicz – major of Wrocław, Jarosław Kurski – co-editor of Gazeta Wyborcza and Marek Krajewski – well-known writer. Debate drawn large audience – not only specialist and participants of conference but also ordinary people. The discussion showed the difficulties with historical politics in both cities.

Second day of conference started with expert debate about contemporary Germany. There were two main subjects: global crisis and last election to Bundestag. Panellists have agreed that new situation on the German politic scene brings new challenges which will be very crucial for the future of whole Europe.

In the afternoon participants were meeting in small work-groups dealing with particular issues. There were four thematic panels. One about media and communication, one about German political system, one about German economic system and one about international relations. After each lecture there was a stormy but fruitful discussion.

There was a competition for the best speech organised by Odra magazine. Jury awarded Barbara Kurowska a prize for her lecture about reparation politics in Africa. She showed an interesting subject using scientific tools. Barbara Kurowska will have opportunity to publish her text in Odra.

There were few things which haven’t succeed or which should be done better. But in the end we must say that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. We managed to make new contacts, exchange knowledge and experiences. Conference was an occasion to gather group of scholars focused on similar problems. We gained experience helpful for next edition of conference. All this things we couldn’t achieve without help of many peoples and institutions that’s why we would like to thank everybody who supported us. We hope that it was a good start of new tradition. We hope that we will meet again on the Second Wrocław Conference on Contemporary Germany.

Many thanks to all who helped us by preparing this conference. Especially we would like to thank to several partners and institutions:
Major of Wroclaw Rafał Dutkiewicz and the City of Wroclaw
Gazeta Wyborcza Wrocław
Institut for Political Science and Sociology, University of Bonn

Consulate General of the Republic of Germany, Wroclaw
Foundation for German- Polish Cooperation